We’ll show you ours if . . .

We’re conducting a bit of an experiment in October based on the observation that you can’t learn about things that are new to the world or even new to business from books or courses because . . well . . . they are new and so the books and courses haven’t been written yet. The new things I’m referring to are of course Web 2.0, PR 2.0, Social Media the Empowered Consumer, Society 2.0 (call it what you will). We have some views on all of these, but we also know that there’s much more that we don’t know. So the plan (or experiment) is to get a number of people together from all over Europe from the PR industry and compare notes. We have a line-up of Edelman speakers and thinkers who will “show you ours” and we hope that in conversation, workshops and break-outs you will recipricate. We’re looking for 50 people to join (amongst others) Richard Edelman, Rick Murray (who runs our Me2 revolution), myself and a number of outside speakers including Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void fame in Berlin. We’ll pay for you to come and you can drink and eat on us and see a bit of what is a really cool city. All we ask is full and voluble participation. And if you work for one of our competitors, well we won’t tell your boss if you don’t (though you will go back to that boss with the benefit of exposure to a lot of our IP). We’ll learn from what you are doing and thinking and vice versa. All very new-worldie don’t you think?

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8 thoughts on “We’ll show you ours if . . .

  1. Sounds a great idea – I’d love to be voluble with you guys if poss.


  2. Heather that would be lovely . . . . assume you are UK based? Fill in the forms and I think the UK guys were asking people to jump through one more hoop in concert with The World’s Leading http://theworldsleading.blogspot.com/ .


  3. is this open to Canadian based PRs as well? sounds like a great opportunity if so…


  4. The debate within the PR industry is one I follow with interest and some bemusement – will the sessions be available to non PR folk at a later date or live?


  5. I’m UK-based and kind of interested but I could be too boring to be of consequence?


  6. love to join you David – and time for another breakfast methinks??



  7. Ed, the plan was for Europe only on this one, but if it works then I would expect and hope Canada next year. Thanks for your interest

    John, yes for PR people only so far. I think we would want to keep confidential the people who come, but recrding the presentations might indeed be a good idea. Thanks for that.

    Mr Ghost,
    Well apply anyway.


    PR people only mate, though thinking about it that is what you are. And yes, brekkie would be nice mate.


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