Most quoted movie ever?

The other night at the Brain mansion I flopped down in front of the TV (unusual) with a bottle of wine (less so) and discovered that Top Gun was playing….and watched the whole damn thing for the umpteenth time. And I mentioned on Twitter that it might be the most quoted movie of all time. Sadly it turned out many other people were also watching it and replied with their candidate top quoted movies. Here’s the list from the saddos the other night. What’s your bet for most quoted movie ever?

* Amelia Torode – Wall Street
* Riddler Music – This is Spinal Tap and Withnail and I
* Richard Sambrook – The Godfather
* Mike Ashworth – Anchorman
* Wolfgang Luenenberger – When Harry Met Sally
* Peter Hay – Dirty Dancing
* Antoine Soussaline – Zoolander

Here’s the Wikipedia take, Cinematicals, and The Register (which claims “I’ll be back” is the most quoted line), proving that my question was not the most original. Here’s some gratuitous Top Gun in the form of the original trailer for a Friday afternoon.

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11 thoughts on “Most quoted movie ever?

  1. Only one clip matters from Top Gun:

    or this one [if you are that way inclined]:


  2. There is a division on this question within the Manson household. My wife believes that it’s the Godfather. I, on the other hand, believe firmly that it’s an American baseball movie called Bull Durham.


  3. I don’t get the impression that things are too hectic in Edelman Towers this afternoon … & as for Twittering during movies, don’t get me started


  4. It’s Friday PM and we have just submitted a huge tender document so….yes…. a little relaxing beginning to happen


  5. I think that you have to include some Monty Python in top quoted movies. Who can’t reel off lines from Holy Grail or Life of Brian?
    My personal fave though for quotes is Princess Bride.
    “My name is Inigo Montoya – you killed my father, prepare to die”


  6. Animal House seems to come up a lot. On the golf course, it’s impossible to play a round without Caddyshack being quoted.


  7. One of my favourites is from The Italian Job “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”


  8. I’m a fan of most of the movies cited here, and to them I’ll add The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Top Gun and Back to the Future. Which you’d expect from somebody (like me) born in 1979.

    But I think we need to take a historical view, and that is that Casablanca is the most quoted film of all time. I am shocked, shocked! that no one has mentioned it yet. Unless you’ve seen it recently, I’ll bet you didn’t even realize how many classic lines came from that one movie.


  9. I’d say it was Star Wars for me across the whole of my life, but as an adult it would be Goodfellas

    “Whaddya mean funny. I’m funny how? Like a clown?”


  10. it was the first time i had ever seen it to my wife’s astonishment. Surely the most quoted films have to be The Godfather and Casablanca though my current top quote is from Layer Cake: you have a plan, you stick to it.


  11. It’s surely got to be between The Italian Job, Withnail & I or Monty Python’s Life of Bryan?


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