Ruby Pseudo talks identity
Our Identity in Flux and the Role Brands Can Play from Amanda Mooney on Vimeo.

Too good not to reproduce. Here’s the original brilliant post too. Here’s Amanda.

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3 thoughts on “Ruby Pseudo talks identity

  1. 1. √§hm, …abstract meta-tribalism
    2.Honestly, after years of learning to mistrust flashy ads made by clever people are paid to convince me that brand x is really on my side… I just don’t know what to think about that.
    …(5 Minutes later)…


  2. Fair enough as always, but motive of the makers apart, it is a nice rendition of what some poeple feel, no?

    Abstract meta-tribalism? Fantastic. Thats is definitely going to rolled around the mouth for staste and texture for a while.


  3. True, it is a nice, effective video.
    I had a professor awhile back, -a very clever older gentleman- who described brand/team/etc. loyalty and the constant sense needing to belong within such a large and fragmented system (practically the basis of contemporary life unless one is Amish) as perhaps nothing more than the natural expression of our need to belong to a tribe, but if I think about that in terms of what the internet has become then it comes out as something more akin to “Abstract meta-tribalism”
    I label it as “Abstract” because the internet IS just sooo so very abstract: a cloud of human consciousness, thought (for better or worse), documentation and expression humming around the globe.
    On a side-note: it is also fascinating to me how the longer one spends on the internet (just pure TIME- for example, 50+ hours a week, paired with a diverse and multi-partisian diet of information) the more of a meta-impression one can get of human affairs. But that is also fertile ground for returning to the familiar and the need to belong, one accomplishes that by returing to the same sites/blogs regularly and -of course- creating one’s own content and linking/giving nods to noteworthy information sources with which one identifies with and wishes to be identified with…


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