Better late than never

After a slow start, I was lucky in my career in that good and new roles came my way just as my feet were getting itchy in the old one and so I always stayed in someone else’s business. After learning how to grow and improve businesses, I also became adept at buying them from people who set them up. But I never started one myself. Perhaps I was a bit afraid or lacked a career trauma to drive me to it?

But now I am starting one. With some partners. It’s taken six months longer to build than we imagined and we’ll launch it later this year in London, New York and here in Auckland.

It’s called Stickybeak and it’s an online research business that aims to make quantitive polling cheaper, faster and of better quality by using new conversational techniques and a unique way of building sample bases. We hope it will be used by the smallest to the biggest of businesses, but we particularly hope that it will be really useful to agencies, marketeers and in-house communications teams who want insights but don’t want to have to deal with polling agencies to get them.

‘Agents’ ask people questions on your behalf.

We are in beta at the moment and so if you have any polling you need doing at a discount rate, then let me know.

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