Stickybeak Update

*With apologies to all those I have spammed with this via email.

It’s been nearly seven months since we launched our online research service Stickybeak in London, New York and at Cannes and as I bothered you with news of that at the time, I thought I’d give you a quick update.

Since June 10, our friendly Stickybeak bots have interviewed hundreds of thousands of people on behalf of brand and communication teams and business owners in the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand. Nothing in South America or Africa yet but we live in hope.

A big thanks to those who trusted a brand new service with their research needs.

It has not all been plain sailing as some of you know.  We had some classic start-up glitches, but we seem to be through that stage and what we have built works like nothing else in the market and is getting more feature-rich and more efficient as we learn and refine the product.

We have researched pensioners in New Zealand, motor-cyclists in KL, vegetarians in Melbourne and cat owners and e-scooter riders in the UK.  We’ve polled on Mayoral elections in Auckland and in individual constituencies for the December UK election and have done hundreds of surveys to people’s private lists of employees, customers, prospects and friends.   

We now know that Stickybeak’s ability to get to niche and hard-to-reach audiences, due to the fact that we recruit through 3.2 billion social media users, is unmatched. 

Two examples:  Here is how the communications team of UK mobile operator 02 have used Stickybeak as part of their suite of data and measurement stack.

And this is the story of how the world’s biggest online destination and streaming service for Rugby fans used Stickybeak to quantify the size of the US Rugby market.

If you’d just like to stay in touch with Stickybeak as it develops and get news of other innovations in research and insight technologies, then please fill in your email here.

And remember, there really is no better way of conducting conversations with your target market, no matter how niche, than a Stickybeak survey.

If you would like to experience a Stickybeak survey click here to experience a survey we produced for a home delivery meal service.  It really is different from those tedious old school interrogations. 

Please bear us in mind next time you have research needs, but at the very least, let us keep in touch.

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