What do older New Zealanders think about the virus?

Coronavirus kills the old in far greater numbers than the young, but what do those over 60 in New Zealand think about the threat?

As I now own a research service I decided to run a quick mini-poll to find out. 

Nearly all (98 per cent) of the 100 over 60-year-olds we asked are aware of the risk the virus poses and of those that are, the overwhelming majority (83 per cent) are concerned or very concerned.

How would you describe your level of concern about Coronavirus?

Picture 1Three quarters expect the effect to be bad or very bad on the country.

How bad do you think Coronavirus will be for the country as a whole?

Picture 2They are a little less concerned about the effect on them and their families.

How bad do you think Coronavirus will be for you and your family?Picture 3Over half have started to exercise precautions like regular washing of hands, social distancing and keeping informed about developments. 

The World Health Organisation recommends the following protection measures. Please tick those (if any) you have begun to practice:

Picture 4

Reassuringly, the majority are trusting national and international medical authorities and their GPs as a source of credible information with very few looking to advice from sources like ‘celebrity doctors’ and ‘friends and relatives’.

Who do you trust most for reliable information on Coronavirus?  Please tick the three you trust the most:

Picture 5

TV news is still the number one media channel the 60 plus generation get their Coronavirus news followed by online news.  However, as 25 per cent are still relying on printed newspapers, the Governments’ PR and advertising campaigns need to maintain a multi-channel traditional and new media approach.

Which of the following media channels do you most rely on for information on Coronavirus?  Please tick the three you rely on the most:

Picture 6

The good news for the government is that they feel they have got their response about right (note this survey was completed yesterday before the announcement that non-New Zealand citizens had been barred from entering the country).

Do you think the Government’s response to Coronavirus has been:

Picture 7

Mini-poll of 100 carried out between 16-19 March 2020

We will be doing more of these throughout the crisis.

Suggestions for groups and issues we should poll gratefully received.



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