Happy Birthday to Stickybeak

A year ago today Stickybeak was introduced to the world in London, New York and at Cannes.

It was a very stressful day with some big highlights like smart people such as Patricia McDonaldJon Hughes and Katie King saying some very clever things.

For 365 days since our friendly Stickybeak bots have been interviewing hundreds of thousands of people on behalf of brand and communication teams and business owners all over the world.

This week alone they are chatting about Covid in New Zealand, travel habits in the US, fruit packaging preferences in Thailand and Japan, back-to-school fears in the UK and body image perceptions with young women in New Zealand.

We’ve become the survey platform of choice of two great media companies here and in Hong Kong and with our reader poll product almost ready to roll, we expect more to join them in the next few months.

We’ve done more nationally representative polling on Covid-19 in our home market than any other pollster and we are in the field now with our very first political voting intentions research.

The nationally representative product is up and running in Australia, US and UK as well as New Zealand.

We now know that Stickybeak’s ability to get to niche and hard-to-reach audiences, due to the fact that we recruit through 3.2 billion social media users, is unmatched and that people hate traditional surveys but react much better to a friendly chat.  This means they tell you more truthful truths and also don’t hate your brand for boring them….both useful attributes!

And remember, there really is no better way of conducting conversations with your target market, no matter how niche, than a Stickybeak survey.

If you would like to experience a Stickybeak survey click here to see a survey we produced for a home delivery meal service.  It really is different from those tedious old school interrogations.

Please bear us in mind next time you have research needs, but at the very least, let us keep in touch.

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