Stickybeak’s first ad campaign

Two and a bit years after launch, we are running our first ad campaign for Stickybeak. We’ve been very lucky with our first customers who have stayed with us and allowed us to develop the product with them and to their needs. A huge thank-you for your trust, your patience and at times, your forgiveness……you know who you are.

I have been in the ‘start-up’ world now for four years, so whilst not exactly a grizzled veteran, I have seen a few things across Parkable and now Stickybeak that mean I am much more relaxed about what my wiser colleagues call an “iterative process”. Basically this means, you learn fast from your mistakes and view every new problem as an opportunity to build a product others will find very hard to follow. It’s a bit of a departure from the world of consultant where clients hire you NOT to make mistakes or even to fix theirs and you sell by promising ‘certainty of outcome’ (however mythical).

The sixty second version – on Sixtysecondview

Anyway, last week was a record for Stickybeak and we are fast approaching that $1 million run rate, but as every start-up victory carries with it the seeds of the next set-back, this week we have a longer list of fixes and one or two big decisions to take about how we deploy our resources for the next lap.

Part of which is widening our customer base in the knowledge that our product is now much more robust and delivers value at a price and a speed we absolutely know others cannot match. Hence the ad campaign.

Our partners at Double and Maloney/Maloney have produced between them a classic explainer piece that I hope if you are in marketing or comms in the US, UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, will clutter up your social feeds for the next few weeks. And behind it is a marketing automation and data collection system and process that has taken our general manager and marketing lead weeks of hard work to get in place.

It feels like we’ve grown up a bit. Onwards!

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