The Tetchy Emperor Part II

David Brain – London


Read the letter (PDF).

Following on from my recent video blog regarding Colin Farrington’s leader in Profile magazine about blogging and social media I have just received this letter via snail mail from Mr Farrington himself where he cheerfully depolys the sixth form debating tactic of mischaracterising the argument against him. Good to know that older members of the CIPR have their champion.

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7 thoughts on “The Tetchy Emperor Part II

  1. Blimey! I don’t know where to start with this one.

    Colin claims the CIPR has taken the lead in ‘comparison to other professional bodies’. I suggest that an entirely separate group of forward-looking PR professionals (some members, some not)have taken this matter into their own hands with support from regional CIPR groups – not necessarily HQ. Plus the big debate – as your letter made out – is that the UK PR industry is at risk of falling behind other disciplines in the adoption of media.

    As for: “But there are many [blogs], including some from people who should be able to do much better given their level of expetise, which seem to me to be either pointless and/or unlikely to have anything but a negative effect on reputation.”

    Who do you think he has in mind? I think I know…


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  3. This poses a problem for me. The track record of the CIPR so far is the Internet Commission of 2000 (which I chaired) and a good web site. Nothing else on line is of special note and yet it is aiming to offer advice to its members.

    This fills me with trepidation.

    The adjectives that come to mind include: Chauvinist, denial, xenophobic, elitist, imperialist.

    I will blog about this further.


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