Canapés and Colin

David Brain – London

Well what a small world. There I was happily munching on a canapé at the leaving do of PR Week publisher Kate Nicolas at Haymarket House (very nice speeches by Wolf Olins and a slightly teary Kate) when I was introduced to Colin Farrington by a mischievous Ian Hall (also of PR Week). Hadn’t expected that. Colin is much nicer in the flesh than I had imagined and we had a perfectly civilised chat, though we agreed that we still differed. However, he did ask a very good question; what exactly did I and we (you bloggers out there I guess) want the CIPR to do help the industry come up to speed on the issue? Fair enough. Let’s think constructively as a group on this one and see what we can suggest. Answers on a postcard to…

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6 thoughts on “Canapés and Colin

  1. 1 CIPR officers to meet the members who are working in this space (not green, only one head etc).
    2 Identify the members who are working in this space (they are members, there are more of them than the CIPR recognises, it is their living, demeaning what they do is counter productive).
    3 Get professional (not some silly mate who ‘knows about it’) help to identify what ordinary members need to enter this space.
    4 Identify the issues that social media has to face (copyright, working on behalf of clients – i.e wikipedia, net neutrality, interoperability – i.e. XPRL, etc) to develop a social media strategy.
    5 Recruit the people who are in the business but are not members.
    6 Do not imagine that this is another free ride and pay for expertise.


  2. Well, David’s suggestions are a good one. This topic is hot across the pond with Constantin Basturea also looking to set standards. This could be a real opportunity for the UK and CIPR to lead the field in setting social media standards.

    I think Stuart Bruce is currently working something but count me in too!


  3. Oh yes… and I like the bit about getting paid!


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