Pioneer Thinking in the New Media Space

The UK presentation of the Edelman/Technorati partnership 10th October 2006, featuring Richard Edelman, Peter Hirshberg, David Brain, Stuart Smith, Suw Charman, Iain Dale, Kevin Anderson and Nick Reynolds. Apologies, all of these are much longer than 60 seconds… normal service and brevity will be restored soon.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

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3 thoughts on “Pioneer Thinking in the New Media Space

  1. An update from Richard Edelman on the compiling of our top 100 lists.

    One amendment to my previous post on the Edelman Technorati lists. These lists are in beta. We have more work to do in perfecting them and we understand and apologize for the confusion caused by releasing the full lists before they were scrubbed by technoati for public release. The good news is that you can help. If you visit a bit later today, you will find instructions on how to register, claim your blog and identify the language you blog in; this will go a long way to making sure the Top 100 lists are clean by the time they are formally launched on technorati in the coming weeks.


  2. A further update for anyone who thinks their blog should be in the top 100, but didn’t make it. Here are the instructions from Technorati you should follow to be considered:

    Coming Soon: Top 100 Blogs in French, German, and Italian
    Posted by Dorion CarrollDorion Carroll on October 11, 2006. Tags: Technorati News

    Technorati is world-renowned for its Top 100 Blogs list – this list features the Top 100 blogs out of the more than 56 million blogs we track worldwide. Over the next month, Technorati will begin publishing Top 100 Blogs lists for blogs published in French, German, and Italian. Top 100 Blogs for Japan is already published at

    Bloggers who want to be sure they’re included in our listings need to be sure they’ve claimed their blogs and have selected a primary language for their blog(s). Claiming your blog establishes that you are the author of the blog and allows you to use our other Technorati services to help increase the visibility of your blog.

    By claiming the blogs that you author, your profile information will appear‚ if you wish‚ with your photo or image next to all search results that involve your blog. When people click on your image, they can learn more about you‚ see the information you want to provide to them about yourself‚ and discover other blogs you author. Naturally, your profile information is completely within your control and all the information that you provide is governed by the Technorati Privacy Policy.

    In order to be included in a language-specific Top 100 list, follow these easy steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Follow the simple (English language – sorry!) instructions.
    3. Be sure to select the language in which you predominantly blog – this is very important in order to be included in the language-specific listings.

    Technorati Signup

    We highly recommend that you follow the directions included for pinging – setting up pinging ensures that we’re alerted each time you’ve published something new.

    Please also include a photo of yourself or the image that you want representing you – bloggers who include images receive more clicks than those who don’t.

    And that’s it! Beta versions of these lists developed in conjunction with a project we are doing with Edelman Public Relations in several countries are already getting attention, and when these lists are formally introduced on in a month or so we want to be sure to include you. So claim your blog today!


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