The Image Challenge for the Middle East

Sunil John, President and CEO Asdaa – Amman, Jordan

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In May 2006 I was lucky enough to attend the Middle East World Economic Forum (Edelman is a partner of the Forum) in Sharm El Shekh in Egypt. At this we hosted a workshop on improving the image of the region at which we presented the research below on C Level attitudes and perceptions. In concert with the world Economic Forum, Asdaa (our Middle East afiliate and partner) and Edelman are now working through the outputs of that workshop with a small sub-group to put together a communications plan. This will be re-presented to Forum members at either or both the World Economic Forum in Turkey in November and the Davos meeting in January. I would be very interested in any views on the research from within or outside the Middle East. Hence my posting of the slides.

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3 thoughts on “The Image Challenge for the Middle East

  1. Thanks for taking your little video camera everywhere, David. This segment with Sunil John is refreshing.

    Mainstream media has always tended to hype the horrors of any region, and “The Middle East” is certainly its broadest brush. I would contend that the BBC takes more care than most to look deeper at less sensational cultural and economic news worldwide. But the broad brush syndrome is still powerful. It panders politically to an audience that, it is implied, can only keep about half a dozen rough geographic areas on its mental map of the world. Maybe much of that audience welcomes the panderer — for instance, it seems to have taken three years for most of the American electorate to grasp that a terrorist act hatched by a small group of Saudis may not have been justification for invading Iraq.

    Accurate portrayals of the complex and varied lives led by people in many parts of the world will be filled in by many people, armed with cellphone video cameras and access to the internet. This fine contribution lays out the issue. Sunil — you should consider further documenting what you said via your own videoblog.


  2. Thanks for this Jim. Over here Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News has done a deal with Google which means that on many of their news stories we have the classic Google Earth focus on the globe, the region, the country, the city, the block which really helps with this problem I think.


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