Whirling Dervishes


They really do whirl . . . I forgot that on my recent trip to Turkey I saw some Whirling Dervish dancers and took this footage. I just came across it on my phone. They were pretty amazing and kept up that pace for about 15 minutes. It was quite mesmerising.

If you can’t see the movie clip above please make sure you have got the latest Flash player installed.

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1 thought on “Whirling Dervishes

  1. David,

    Fascinating. The dervishes have got this combined physical/spiritual/poetic/astronomical tradition that is really unique. For complicated reasons, many religions have dispensed with consciousness-altering drugs that used to be integral to their rituals. I wonder if the dervishes manage to attain similar states by their literal revolutions…

    I’m a bit envious that you were able to see them, but grateful that you posted this short clip.


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