Steve Rubel on StoryCrafter

Steve Rubel, New York, December 20, 2006;affiliateId:28584;height:392;width:480;

Edelman’s Story Crafter.

If you can’t see the movie clip above please make sure you have got the latest Flash player installed.

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8 thoughts on “Steve Rubel on StoryCrafter

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  2. What is the difference between Story Crafter and Word Press a parte the input interface? Why don’t you use a blogging platform that has all the social features included?
    Well: of course one answer is obvious… because we can sell this to our clients like it were something new or special 🙂
    Merry Xmas…


  3. Nicola

    It is just a simple template to help our 2500 staff organise information in a more social media friendly way… but then effective things are often simple.

    It won’t be sold as a separate product, just built into how we service our clients . . . and yes they pay us for this. We’re a commercial orgnisation.


  4. Amanda,

    Saw them. Yawned. Hope you get better in 2007.



  5. David,

    Yawn? Not sure whether you’re not smart enough to get the joke or are so insulated as to be totally disconnected. Probably a combination.

    For the record, our readership loves ’em and finds them hysterical.

    Thanks again. We look forward to your next post.

    – Amanda


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