Note to self: Less of the More Better

David Brain on ViewpointI had the honour of being the first person on PR Week’s new Viewpoint video interview this week with my top tips for 2007. Thanks to PR Week for cutting out my little ad for sixtysecondview at the beginning . . obviously concerned about my references to the fact that it has taken our industry magazine this long to begin to use their on-line version in anything other than the most basic way. But with all respect it is still little more than a start. You are using a web hosted video format to get some comments going which you say you will publish next week in the magazine. That’s no way to start a conversation these days. You really do need to bug Haymarket to get you a proper platform so people can respond and link to each other in real time. You should be the natural home for much of the conversation in the PR blogosphere . . you would drive added credibility and traffic and who knows, you may be able to get more advertising revenue. Come on guys, tell your masters to make some investments for you.

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1 thought on “Note to self: Less of the More Better

  1. Good stuff, David. Another hurdle PR Week needs to get over (and I told ’em so) is paywalling content.

    Bizarrely you can watch your Viewpoint appearance without having to login, but if you want to submit comments or read the accompanying article you have to. Now that’s really restricting the conversation!


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