Who Do You Trust Part 5

Trust Barometer 2007Hot off the presses is the final completed Edelman Trust Barometer report, the most referenced PR research in the industry (source, my guess-work, but what else comes close?). It’s downloadable in PDF here and includes the views on the raw data by colleagues including Richard Edelman, Michael Deaver and Pam Talbot. If you use the data which we make freely available, then all we ask is you credit the Edelman Trust Barometer.

Download PDF document (5MB)

Off to Moscow next week to present the Russian cut of this data.

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2 thoughts on “Who Do You Trust Part 5

  1. Well done Edelman – taking such a enlightened approach to your IP management.

    In the bad old days, this sort of data would be closely protected and botch-productised, when in fact its value is as a high-level conversation-starter…


  2. Thanks Tim, nice of you to say so.


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