Mike Lee’s Vero Joins Edelman in Sporting Pact

Mike Lee, Vero

I first met Mike when I pitched to him in his role as head of communications for the London 2012 Olympic bid. He was obviously a man of taste as he picked the other firm. Given that most of his decisions on behalf of the London bid appear to have been good, I can hardly complain too much about that ‘aberation’, but on the basis that if you can’t win their business, sign them up, we are now a team.

Or as we say in the social media release: “Edelman, the world’s largest independently owned public relations firm, and VERO, the specialist sport, brand and communications consultancy, today announce a strategic alliance that will offer existing and potential clients of both firms a powerful combination of expertise.”

It’s a great combination of Mike and Vero’s unrivalled understanding of the sports city and country bidding world and the best PR network in the world. We’re already working together on three prospects and the combined expertise is amazingly synergistic as marketing folk tend to claim.

Here’s Mike:


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