Who Do You Trust Part 6

Presenting the Trust Barometer in Russia was never going to be easy. Russian headquartered businesses are less trusted to “do the right thing” than the corporations of any other market we surveyed and I wasn’t looking forward to being the bearer of this news. No-one was that surprised as it turned out. Some statistics:

– Russian headquartered companies only trusted to “do the right thing” by 18% of people in developed economies . . . the lowest score
– However, Russian opinion formers are among the biggest believers in the ability of global business to have a positive impact on society
– Russian attitudes to CSR, employee communications and the attributes that build trust are more like European attitudes than those of a developing economy (someone told me the other day that one man’s “duh” is another’s “aha” . . .this observation might fit that category)
– The Russian media are fascinated in how the country is viewed by the outside world.

Thanks to our Russian affiliate Imageland for getting us into the Duma, the Russian parliament building, to make the presentation.

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