Debbie Weil

Debbie Weil, author of ‘The Corporate Blogging Book‘, explains why CEOs are still not blogging.;affiliateId:28584;height:392;width:480;

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5 thoughts on “Debbie Weil

  1. David, The recording kept stopping and starting. Of course, Debbie is right. CEOs have to want to do blog in order to succeed, then they stand a good chance of overcoming all those difficulties. If they believe in it, they will find the time and develop their own writing style, keeping posts brief, but enjoying the interactive element too.


  2. I am sorry the video didn’t run for you. I just tried it again and it seems to be working. Will check again Monday. Debbie is right of course, but we’re beginning to see interest convert into action now for some clients.


  3. Well, there are those pesky legal issues to get around too.

    Seriously, why would I care about a CEO’s blog. Seems like Microsoft (2000+ bloggers) and smaller firms have shown that the interesting content that can actually be used is from product managers, engineers, marketers and research departments.

    I guess it makes a good book title for Debbie, but I think it misses the best approach for corporate blogging – alternating experts, shared responsibilities and most importantly, open comments.

    Love the interview show concept – I’ll be in London on April 17 and 18 and I’m ready for my closeup if you have time to meet.

    Cheers, Adam
    O: 781-404-2406


  4. Some CEO’s have sense enough to know that they don’t have THE 4Ps of BLOGGING in order ( Without these, no one should start.

    Hey Deb! You’re doing great work.


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