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5 thoughts on “Ellee Seymour

  1. Wow, thank you David, that was good fun, and a pleasure to meet you. I shall have to reciprocate next time we meet as I now have my own camcorder.


  2. Great video David. Well done for interviewing Ellee.

    By the way you might like to consider changing the settings on your WP blog (Helps with google juice) so that the url http://www.sixtysecondview.com//?p=143
    becomes http://www.sixtysecondview.com//07/03/29/ElleeSeymour

    Just go to your admin panel and Options/Permalinks/DateandNamebased


  3. David, this is the camera I have been given:


    Can’t wait to start using it.


  4. Geoff thank-you very much. I appreciate the tip.


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