Don’t You Know Who I Am?

A long and uncomfortable flight to the US last night was made a little more enjoyable thanks to Piers Morgan’s latest offering. Don’t You Know Who I Am is a rip-roaring romp through the life of one of the UK’s most notorious tabloid editors, from the time he was fired from his job at the Mirror over the fake photos of British troops mistreating Iraqi prisoners (though as he points out, British mistreatment of prisoners turned out to be true even if the actual photos were not). He rips into just about everyone which would be boring if it wasn’t for the fact that he saves his most withering observations for himself. A crash course in British (and some US) media and celebrity culture, this should be required reading on any CIPR course!

Here’s his advice to an agitated David Hasselhoff on the advisability of suing the Sun:

‘I wouldn’t bother if I were you.’
‘Why. Why should I let them print lies about me?’
‘I just wouldn’t bother suing. It takes two years to reach court, by which time you’ve long stopped caring, it costs a fortune and your reputation will just get trashed.’
‘You think so?’
‘I know so. And remember that the Sun’s owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox, who may employ you one day. So why bother suing. Just threaten to and get an apology.’

The book reads like a blog by the way . . dated entries in sequence etc etc. If you read this Piers, you should start a blog and continue the story (though I guess it might be a little less lucrative than a best-seller).

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3 thoughts on “Don’t You Know Who I Am?

  1. I was reading an interview with Piers Morgan in one of the London free sheets last week and he said he regularly monitors the blogosphere for his name.

    Something about he was more famous than someone else (can’t remember who) because a search for his name in Google produced more results.


  2. He really seems to be onto that. In the book he has to impress a US TV executive and so points out that he, Piers Morgan, has more Google hits than their main presenter, which helps to impress them and on he goes.


  3. I think this is a must-read too.


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