AC Milan vs Manchester United

As I write this post we are a couple of hours away from kick-off in the semi-final of the Champions League between AC Milan and Manchester United. If global searches via Google Trends are anything to go by it will be a close match, with United just edging it. We will see.

Red=Man U

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6 thoughts on “AC Milan vs Manchester United

  1. I would tend to agree with the google trends as well for what it’s worth. I reckon it will be close but Man U will shave it. 2-1 if I was a betting man…


  2. I love these graphs. I stumbled across Sir Alex in Cambridge at the Al Gore presentation on climate change, I’m not sure what plans he has for MU in that direction.

    We shall be heading for MU in the next season, my husband won a box for a match of our choice, I think it will be Tottenham – they are arch rivals in our household.


  3. In departure lounge watching in 33 minute and utd are 2 – 0 down……


  4. Yes, so far it looks like the cunning idea of using Google Trends to beat the bookies is a non-starter


  5. It happens in football.I hope Rooney and his friend will make us happy for many years.


  6. So . . . . we need Google Search, Blogpulse and twitterati charts for Liverpool and AC Milan. Not that any of these will help predict a result obviously!


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