Trust In Iceland

I presented the Edelman Trust Barometer in Iceland on Thursday with our excellent partner AP Public Relations. Here are the main findings:

– Sweden and the Netherlands are the only European nations that trust government more than Iceland.
– Business is trusted by 46% of respondents, which is close to the average of developed countries in the Edelman survey.
– Results in Iceland are very similar to Sweden, but religion enjoys substantially less trust than in Sweden.
– Health care and Energy enjoy higher levels of trust in Iceland than elsewhere.
– Telecommunications, Insurance, Entertainment and Retail enjoy considerably less trust in Iceland than elsewhere.
– Like in other countries, business from Sweden, Germany and Canada enjoys the most trust.

I’d never been before and was impressed with what such a small country has achieved in recent years. They have world class businesses like Baugur and Activis and a very aggressive and expansionist banking sector, which is amazing given a population of little over 300,000. It was an interesting time to be talking about Trust there as Baugur CEO Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, was that day found guilty of false accounting, though he looks likely to appeal and pretty much everyone I spoke to saw the case as politically driven (he was acquitted on the other 39 charges against him). Check out my brief visit to their global HQ:;affiliateId:28584;height:392;width:480;

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