Blogs and the Interview

Vice President Dick Cheney participates in a telephone interview with journalist Tony Snow from his office in the West Wing, Tuesday, May 11, 2004. White House photo by David Bohrer.

Nice post by Jeff Jarvis on how owners of blogs have a slightly different relationship with ‘traditional’ media reporters when it comes to interviews. He notes that the interview conducted by phone conferred pretty much all of the power of editing, context and inference to the journalist at the expense of the subject, but that this has changed if that subject has a blog and can post their own version of the interview or even a word by word account.

Most people are not blog ‘A’ listers but many of the same principles apply. If a journalist is interviewing someone they know has an in-built ‘right of reply’ (even if that right-of-reply is only big in, say, the fishing tackle industry), they tend in my experience, to be a little more circumspect about ‘over-extrapolation’. This has already become one of the main benefits, in my view, of the CEO blog and why they are so popular with politicians.

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