Links for May 22, 2007:

  • Journalism is dead if we outsource local reporting: Below the Fold.
  • War reporting or Iraq lite?: Searing commentary on Australian TV news reporting of Iraq from ABC Television’s Media Watch (every country should have a show like this).
  • Sex advice for the digital age: Village voice explains how “getting laid in a pixelated hot tub is, well, harder than you’d think”. It’s a kind of Dear Deirdrie for Second Lifers!
  • Oldies rule on the net in the UK: “It seems that those aged 55+, so-called silver surfers, are set to overtake 35-44 year olds as the demographic age group representing the largest share of UK Internet visits”, according to Heather Hopkins of Hitwise.
  • Viagra tested on Guinea pigs and found to be effective against jet lag (but only in easterly direction . . I kid you not). The Times.
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