Facebook and Internal Communications


Facebook is now becoming so big and pervasive that it has to be considered an emerging force for internal communications. Richard Sambrook, Director of BBC Global News, said this on his Facebook page: “Astonished there are 10,000 + people in the BBC network on Facebook – that’s half the entire organisation?!”. So I checked out Edelman and of our 2,500 staff, 497 are registered. Weber Shandwick have 481 so the PR firms seem to have a bit further to go yet, but why would a firm not use the forum that people are going to anyway to communicate? OK, it’s a little more public and it may not cover everyone and only certain types of messages would be appropriate, but believe me, people ARE spending a lot of work time on it anyway. The old barriers between inside and outside communication really are falling fast.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook and Internal Communications

  1. Many people–including me–are probably thinking of Facebook in it’s original incarnation: a platform for reuniting with old classmates. While I see the marcom potential, I’m worried about being contacted by my old college girlfriend at work 😉

    –Tim Gingrich, Weber Shandwick


  2. Tim,

    I hear she’s worried about that too! I just read your blog. very nice and it made me nostalgic for my time in Asia. Say Hello to Andrew Pirie if you see him . .we used to work together.


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