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Thanks to Amelia Torode for nominating me as one of her 5 most ‘thinking blogs’. In the tradition of these things here are my five nominations for the same award and the reasons why:

Byrnebabybyrne: Brilliant name for a blog from a brilliant man. Colin’s prose is fast and direct and his perspective on the nexus of business, politics and media is always sharp

SacredFacts: Richard Sambrook is the director of BBC Global News and is passionate about journalism and the news process and has, as you would guess from his title, a really global perspective

Borkowskiblog: If there was a University for publicists and their arts, Mark Borkowski would be the professor

Geekindisguise: Steve Clayton pushes the boundaries of what a blog can do to bring a company and it’s customers, partners and critics together. Some people talk about the transformative effect of this stuff, Steve is doing it.

Shakewellbeforeuse: Ariel Waldman has the freshest perspective on art, advertising, sex and technology

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Blogs

  1. Thanks David. This despite the fact I know ‘bugger all’ as you put it about football (but I am old enough to have once seen George Best play). Have a good week.


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