Turkey, the inside story of the inside story of the election

In the next couple of weeks Turkey goes to the polls and anyone who has read my blog knows that I believe much of Europe’s long-term future will depend on how we treat Turkey and how they view us. See here and here and here.

The BBC will be covering the election extensively, but interestingly BBC Global News Director Richard Sambrook and Ben Hammersley, one of the people behind the Guardian’s Comment is Free site, have decided to report on the reporting.

In addition to filing stories for BBC World, World Service radio, News 24 and BBC News online, Hammersley will be blogging and twittering about his experiences getting stories and moving around the country. He’s already covering the preparations and apologising in advance for his wardrobe. This will be an illuminating inside view into how a news organisation delivers coverage on a big international running story, but one of the reasons I will be following it is because Ben Hammersley is unusual in being as adept with a still or video camera as he is with a keyboard. I saw him at Davos this year scouring the halls for subjects and the resulting gallery covered in the Guardian was stunning. I’m looking forward to the pictures, movies and sounds almost as much as the stories.

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3 thoughts on “Turkey, the inside story of the inside story of the election

  1. Let’s get the next few days over and the EU summit, then I can start thinking about this.


  2. The summit’s done and I still think that what happens between Europe and Turkey is gonna be key for the future of both


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