Chris DeWolf, CEO, MySpace

Last week Richard Edelman interviewed Chris DeWolfe, co-founder of MySpace. Here’s my recording of part of that in which they cover:

  • the “dumbing down” of the debate by social media
  • whether community is global or multi-local
  • pictures vs words
  • how MySpace works with brands
  • the differences of being part of a big organisation;affiliateId:28584;height:392;width:480;

It’s nearly 12 minutes long so off-brand for me and the sound is not great, but acceptable if you turn it up. MySpace is an Edelman US client by the way.

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3 thoughts on “Chris DeWolf, CEO, MySpace

  1. I would have enjoyed the interview, but the sound quality was poor, so I had a hard time hearing it.

    Yes, my dad was one of those guys who opened up the newspaper and discussed the headlines with me. I am trying to do that with my kids.

    I think the social media is dumbing down the whole concept of what socialization itself really is. Two hundred some years ago, guys like the “Founding Fathers” used to meet in taverns with friends to drink, sing, toast each other all night long, and talk about exciting ideas. Or, they went to the neighborhoods for Sunday dinner to argue politics and religion. Lots of people did that. Now, we have the coffee shop where we can sit hunched over our computers, and not have to talk to the guy sitting in the next chair. Maybe we can even “twitter!” I don’t even know what “twittering is” but I can bet that I don’t like it. What a bunch of pathetic dweebs we have become.

    I had a friend of mine who did not let her kids have internet in the house while they were going to high school (about five years ago.) She wanted them to have real socialization experiences, read great literature, discuss, create, etc.

    Guess what? Her kids now do really exciting things like taking 2000 mile south-north trans Canada canoe trips, doing extreme sports, discussing world religions, Chinese classics, just about any subject on the planet. They are really fun to talk to. Did their mother deprive them by keeping them away from the electronic social media? Hardly. Both are extremely tech savy now, and one of them does some big-buck internet graphic design stuff.

    Is the social media dumbing down the debate? Just read a few blogs and note all of the speling misteaks.


  2. Hi Kermit,

    Aplogies about the sound. I was sat a little far away.

    Do you really think that all social meia dumbs down? A lot of blogs are very well written and some are brilliantly creative. Have a look at I am not sure that this would have existed in the days of print. That being said, many are badly written too I concede, but then many of those chats in coffee shops were probably dreadful too. One point is that you and I live thousands of miles apart and so in the past would never have shared ideas or chatted because we would not have known of each other’s existence, but here we are swapping thoughts. I think that’s pretty cool. Maybe it’s not right to go for the ‘either / or’ thing and try and strike a balance. Particularly with children I concede.


  3. nice.
    video is the new written word.


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