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(Moscow from the 34th Floor of Swissotel)

I’ve have spent the last five days in Russia in St Petersburg and now Moscow. As the economy booms so does the PR industry and there’s barely a mention of the diplomatic spat with the UK which is definitely seen here as a sideshow to the main event…getting on with business. The state has become the biggest single buyer of communication programmes as the rapid development of the economy and society prompt them to launch educational and information initiatives on a raft of subjects.

New media is becomming a big part of the mix here too with internal statistics suggesting 36% of Russian internet users over the age of 18 are blog readers and nearly all of those, an astonishing 17%, saying they have their own blogs (that’s over 2 million apparently). 13% of Russians are going to the net for their news now…a big change in a market where government influence over traditional media has increased in recent years.

Other trends include the growing development of the industry outside of Moscow with 60% of PR pro’s saying this is the new frontier for big growth for them. And with Russian companies continuing to acquire and do IPOs abroad, PR in and from Russia will continue to be a highlight in Europe.

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2 thoughts on “PR In Russia

  1. I was reading in the Times the other day that there are six million Russians in the UK and only 40,000 Brits in Russia.

    Not that relevant to your blog post but I thought it was quite interesting none the less.


  2. 6 million sounds very high . . over 10 % of the national population and ten times the number of Poles said to be here . . . . blimey!


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