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Every now and then in this business you get to work with brilliant clients. Last week we launched a study for 1E which showed that the environment is a key factor in only 3 per cent of IT purchase decisions and yet, in the UK alone, 1.7 million PCs are left on when not in use in companies wasting 1.5kWh of electricity and generating around 700,000 tonnes of CO2. Full report here That’s just PCs, not servers or the power lost through cabling. Obviously we were using these stats to promote an 1E product, but what a great product it is. NightWatchman recognises when a PC has not been in use for while and then safely and remotely shuts down open applications and with no data loss or errors before putting the machine itself into hibernation or turning it off. How simple and useful is that? I don’t usually plug client’s products here, but this is very cool.

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3 thoughts on “TURN IT OFF!

  1. It sounds like it would be an interesting idea for some. But from a promotional standpoint, 1E would have to find a way to counteract the fact that the reason a lot of people keep their systems constantly running is actually for security. The less often the system is restarted, the less likely a new virus or other threat is to be able to attack the boot files.

    I’m all for being more environmentally friendly in business though, so it’s nice to see a possible energy-saver for larger companies with better security measures in place to guard the other side of the issue. Every little bit helps.


  2. Guess what . . .1E just won ‘Enterprise Software Product of the Year’at the CNET UK Business Technology Awards. Hurrah!


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