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Today I chanced upon the TV station for those who complain about cynical journalists, self serving news values and a general lack of trust in the media. SupremeMaster TV promises, “positive news for a better world” and claims to be available in English with German, French, Italian, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Aulacese subtitles via satellite all over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Here’s the online version with a heady mix of pieces including a feature on the humanitarian works of Harry Belafonte, ‘enlightening entertainment’ and a positive take on North Korea’s nuclear decommissioning programme.

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3 thoughts on “Nice TV

  1. i have seen this channel on my Astra dish and must say, its a breath of fresh air at last! interesting programs on animal care which i like too.

    Its not everyday we see a truly positive TV channel.


  2. Hey this station rocks! It is so beautiful, promotes world peace, exciting humanitarian topics, great shows, and POSITIVE NEWS! I love it! It is sooooo uplifting to hear about all the positive things happening in the world!


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