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Well that post surely hit a nerve. At time of writing we’ve had 91 comments for which I am very thankful. There seems to be as much interest in measuring reach/impact/footprint/influence (delete as you see fit) as there is divergent views of how you do it. I guess that was largely to be expected. Jonny Bentwood and myself have given our initial feedback to pretty much all the comments we received and I’m not proposing to go over them again here. But what are we proposing to do? We (Jonny, Steve Rubel, Rick Murray and myself) are planning an old fashioned physical meeting where we sit down with a group of people with expertise and experience to take this thing to the next stage. Hopefully that group will include some of those who commented, some with specific measurement and competitive intelligence experience both as individuals and from organisations and maybe some academics. I am totally convinced that we will only peel back the next skin of the onion and probably again upset as many people as we enthuse, but that seems to go with the territory. I’m not sure there will ever be an ‘industry standard’ for this sort of thing in the sense that all or even most people will agree with any one approach. But for our business at least we are going to move it on a stage. The meeting will be as soon as we can organise it (probably in about a month) and probably in New York. As we get near to it I will publish an agenda for further comment and after the meeting a report on the discussions.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Index 2

  1. “Jonny, Steve Rubel, Rick Murray and myself”

    Well, that’s a coin toss.

    – Amanda


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