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My newspaper on the Tube ride in this morning was The Times, but it wasn’t until I got to page five that I found a story that I was not already aware of (headline: ‘Scientists keep moths in check by persuading males to be gay‘). My news feeds, last night’s Evening Standard (the London evening newspaper), ITN news on TV and BBC Radio Four this morning meant I was a difficult customer for anyone claiming new news this morning. Which made me think about Colin Byrne’s point that news had become a commodity and that the columnists and commentators were the real differentiating factor for newspapers. That was true for me this morning and it was with a sense of relief that I waded into Daniel Finkelstein’s excellent piece about the importance of gesture and style in politics and Melanie McDonagh’s triumph of reason on the subject of breast feeding and the NCT. I haven’t quite got to the stage of choosing papers based on the columnists, but I’m not far off.

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