This new application which highlights what IP has been the source of edits to Wikipedia entries about companies and organisations is very interesting and has left me disappointed about my colleagues. Our Wikipedia entry is fairly brief with only five lines of information on our long and distinguished history and seven lines devoted to our very well publicised ‘snaffoos’. Nearly 50% more on the bad stuff than the informational stuff . . . and despite years of brilliant, award winning, strategically insightful, flawlessly executed campaigns for some of the world’s best brands and companies, there’s nothing else!

Someone must be editing us down! So I put Edelman into the Wikiscanner and discovered that of the first 100 results, 58 were from what appear to be . . . . . . Edelman offices. Come on guys . . . call that airbrushing?

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2 thoughts on “Wikiscanner

  1. Well, that’s probably because the Edelman social media wise guys, in this podcast ( concurred that a company should not edit its own entry. Someone did raise the issue of editing the Edelman entry but another one objected. Always thought that was the wrong advice, but I see that -thankfully- it’s not taken too seriously in-house 😉


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