Football + Italy + Des Lynam + Opera = Magic.

Simon Barnes from the Times on Nessun Dorma and Italia 90. I seem to remember watching the whole tournament from Luigis restaurant in Wardour Street.

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4 thoughts on “Pavarotti

  1. I remember watching it on holiday in Blackpool with my sister and parents. Italia 90 was a great World Cup and featured a decent England team too. Gazza in tears; Hoddle and Waddle (I think) doing the dance; David Platt on top form and good old Sir Bobby leading the charge.

    Coincidentally, Sir Bobby has an office in the same block where I work and I’ve seen him a couple of times pulling up in his Rolls Royce outside.

    He’s looking old now, bless him.


  2. Sir Bobby in a Roller? Has he got a facebook page yet?


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