Beware . . company commercial: Today in Beijing, Edelman took a majority interest in Pegasus Communications. It means we are adding 100 new colleagues to the Edelman family and that China has become our firm’s third largest market in the world, after the US and the UK.

We say: “Pegasus, one of China’s leading and most innovative marketing communications firms, was formed five years ago by CEO Steven Cao and his management partners. In that short time, the firm has grown into one of China’s most decorated firms as recognized by the China International Public Relations Association. Pegasus has an enviable client list including Chinese bluechips Yili, China Unicom, TCL, and global brands BMW, Samsung Mobile, Siemens, Red Bull and Volvo”.

Old-school style press release here. I have no idea why they were named after a winged horse but will let you know if I find out.

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