New Media Academic Summit 2007

In June Edelman and US PR Week hosted a summit in New York that brought together professors and academics in Public Relations with journalists, marketeers and corporate communications people. The aim was to provide the academics with solid case studies and evidence of the new techniques being used which they could take back to the classroom. It was a very US focused event with US speakers, though next year rumour has it we will widen the net. The attached PDF, The Next Generation of Communications, gives a good flavour of what was discussed much of which is still relevant globally. Here are some of the highlights:

“We’ve only made it to the top of the second inning in the digital age.” Gordon Crovitz, Publisher, Wall Street Journal.

“It took 35 years for TV to reach 25 million people and earn $1 billion in revenues. It took the internet just three years. We have now reached a point where if you are an old media company and you are not deeply engaged in new media, you are a dead media company.” Pat Mitchell, President and CEO, Paley Centre for Media.

“Since the first three cavemen stood around a fire, we’ve had social networks.” Scott Donaton, Publisher, Advertising Age.

“Do things with brands that penetrate the culture . . . . Leverage behaviour in a way that does not feel commercial.” Babs Rangaiah, Director of Media & Entertainment, Unilever.

“The internet has put the public back in public relations.” Mathew Anchin, VP Online Communications, American Express.

“Everyone with a cell phone camera can create a political commercial. The power is shifting online to a group of non-professional political junkies. New media empowers people outside of campaigns.” Carol C. Darr, Director, Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet.

“By reading blogs, I have been able to better understand how easily things can be misconstrued. Proof that blogging is better for journalism.” Jodi Kanto, Reporter, The New York Times

“Colleges need to be teaching principles of journalism and apply them broadly across multiple media.” Dan Gilmour, Director, Centre for Citizen Journalism.

New Media Academic Summit

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