Son of SMI

Jonny Bentwood is on a plane to the US to take our much talked about Social Media Index (SMI) to the next stage with the help of some outside experts and, of course, taking into account the many comments to my original post (108 to date). I look forward to hearing what Jonny and the following people think about how you can/or can’t measure online influence:

Jeff Jarvis, Buzzmachine
Henry Copeland, BlogAds
Peter Kim, Forrester
Charlene Li, Forrester
Max Kalehoff, Nielsen NetRatings/Buzzmetrics
Keith O’Brien, PRWeek
Advertising Research Foundation
Dr. Walter Carl, Northeastern University
Richard Edelman, Edelman
Jonny Bentwood, Edelman
David Dunne, Edelman
Rick Murray, me2revolution
Steve Rubel, me2revolution
Sarah Petersen, StrategyOne

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1 thought on “Son of SMI

  1. I would be interested to know too, and I feel we also need to distinguish the difference between blogging in the USA and UK. Are British businesses simply too British to have the transparency required for successful social media interaction?


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