Moira Stewart, the BBC’s first black female news anchor, is quitting according to the Mirror. Given that the role of the TV news anchor seems doomed and the importance of evening bulletins diminishes by the day, I am sure my kids will never feel the little pang I do when one of these familiar faces disappears from our life. This type of event reminds me that for all my 2.0 pretensions I am still a child of the mass media era.

Here’s Moira and the BBC News opening credits from 1986 . . . . those were were the days . . . . when the world was just explained to us in perfect BBC English as we sat on the couch like good little citizens. . . . so much less complicated don’t you think?

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8 thoughts on “Moira

  1. Mmm… Lovely hairstyle from the 80s…


  2. love that cut glass accent though don’t you . . no pandering to the regions in those days!


  3. Can’t beat her in ‘Extras’ supplying drugs to Ronnie Corbett!


  4. Whew…does that brings back some Secondary School memories!


  5. My Moira Stewart Memory..

    A year or so ago, while appearing on BBC Breakfast to talk about brands Brown and Blair, I shared the Green Room with Moira, who was reading the news. When she stood up and left the room, her long skirt was puzzingly unzipped at the back. Right the way down. For those of us who always thought that newscasters only ever dressed to the waist, it was an amusing moment, and, to be honest, slightly distracting when we went live on air.


  6. Yes we always wondered exactly what went on beneath the desk I suppose.


  7. Really sad news! My Moira Stewart Memory was slightly less risqué unfortunately and involved sitting in BBC Breakfast Green Room and having Moira make me a cup of tea – it seemed slightly wrong somehow, perhaps she thought I was a guest! Telling the story to my parents was also one of the few occasions where they seemed genuinely impressed by my career in PR!


  8. Ha ha, Daljit if you can impress your parents with a PR tale then that is good going. Mine are simialrly difficult to enthuse.


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