Management: Arsene Wenger

“Success is paralysing,”

“If you don’t change anything, three years later you are suddenly not successful and you don’t know why. You want to repeat quality but also to improve quality, so you have to change. When you lose there’s also a resistance to change but when you are a manager you can’t be scared to put pressure on and to take a risk by changing. You can’t be scared of change.”

“The basic quality of being a manager – and I always say it when a young coach starts – is to trust people. The second part is resistance to stress. Don’t be inhibited. On the bench you can be scared to make an atrocious decision. It is better you make a quick decision than to defer it, to wait and make no decision because you know you can’t get it back. So you have to resist stress and always be able to innovate.”

Gratuitous replay of one of the greatest goals ever:

Hat tip James Cherkoff.

Full Guardian article.

Declaration: I am a Manchester City fan.

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