Lighthouse Picture

A couple of weeks ago I came across this picture and posted questioning whether it was real or photoshopped. Very real according to John Collins who discovered this whole amazing sequence. I also asked how such lighthouses could be built and . . . errr . . . had it pointed out that tides go up and down so, maybe, they built it when the tide was out! And I have a coastal skippers certificate. All aboard!

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6 thoughts on “Lighthouse Picture

  1. It seems that the lighthouse will fall but it will not because it’s a french one (I’m sure it is). Stronger than it seems to be.
    But the important details is the guardian inside: have you ever thought that the lighthouse could stand up because the guardian gives it the power and the reason to resist?
    Now, imagine the lighthouse is a company…
    Any company needs a “guardian” and she needs to keep it closed from her.


  2. Fabrice is a nutter. Clearly


  3. Thank you. This was my father’s favorite picture – he passed away recently. Now i can visit the lighthouse in his memory. He would really like that…


  4. I’m shour he knew that it might come just like a captain on a ship. rough waves and the such. it’s mother nature showing her authority. You just hope you are the blessed one. God Bless


  5. that is the most amazing picture in action i have ever seen!
    One of my Uncle’s is a guardain and he has one up in Cananda he had one of these types of pictures it was amazing! but it flounded that lighthouse because he left the door open, but he was right infrount of the wave then it happened, oddly, he was unharmed


  6. Alexandra. It still takes my breath away looking at it


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