Queen’s Speech

It is one of the quaint and vaguely embarrassing elements of being British (I am a subject not a citizen for example) that our monarch still has some important roles in public life. One of them is opening Parliament and reading out the key elements of the ruling party’s programme. Here is our summary of that:

Queen's Speech

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3 thoughts on “Queen’s Speech

  1. Actually, Old Bean technically you became a British Citizen, not a subject, by virtue of the 1981 British Nationality Act, when the concept at law was abolished.

    So, the romantically nice / politically-loaded idea of Subjecthood versus Citizenship ceased to be. It is still a good story that US Constitutionalists like to dangle in front of us Brits. But it isn’t true any more.


  2. Wow… what a great cover! Are you moving the office in the building pictured above??? 🙂


  3. Actually we will be moving just down the road . . . . but not in there no . . . think the MPs might object.


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