Davos Conversation

I am lucky enough to be heading to Davos again this year. The World Economic Forum dipped it’s toe in the social media pond last year pretty successfully (the highlight for me was Ben Hammersley’s photo journal of proceeding via Guardian Online) with the attendance of ‘luminaries’ like Loic Le Muir, Jeff Jarvis, Dave Sifry and Ariana Huffington and some pretty high-powered and very well-attended sessions on what all this 2.0 stuff meant for big business. This year they are extending a little further and have launched the Davos Question which is: “What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?” Answers are via YouTube.

I shall report back on what impact this has on proceedings.

Here are my little videos from last year:

Bloggers Nightcap




Disclosure: Edelman does some work for the World Economic Forum

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2 thoughts on “Davos Conversation

  1. Do say hi to Arianna for me, we met once in Wisbech. I was squeezed in the back of a two-seater sports car which drove her to the railway station, it was the only opportunity I had to interview her.

    Happy New Year to you David. Enjoy Davos, lucky you.


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