Edelman at the Movies

One of my favourite questions to people in PR is, “what did you originally want to do for a living”? The older the respondent, the more likely they are to name any trade, profession or business other than PR. For many of us it was a “distress purchase” (it certainly was for me even if I can’t really imagine doing anything else now). In their later years, you sometimes see seasoned PR execs making a break for freedom all Carpe Diem and with a look of vague desperation in their eyes as they have a go at acting, farming, politics (frying pan to fire surely) or writing books. That original ambition it seems, still burns in many a PR breast. Looks like one of my colleagues, Jere Sullivan just made one of his boyhood dreams come true. He’s going to be Executive Producer on Ridley Scott’s next movie, which will bring to life the world changing events of the Reagan/Gorbachev summit in Reykjavik, Iceland. What a buzz. To see one of your ideas made into a movie by one of the world’s top directors and to be part of the process. Hat’s off to Jere.

Here’s my little video from the scene of those events by the way.

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4 thoughts on “Edelman at the Movies

  1. That’s soooo cool. Bravo Jere!


  2. What a great opportunity, something special to remember for the rest of his life.


  3. Yo Jerry need a photographer ? Call ralph


  4. Great stuff Jere – this is awesome!

    Clearly there is hope for us all. Roman Abramovich, my mobile no is 07876 685200.


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