Why it’s good business to blog

I came across this post today and was reminded why it’s good business to blog and how far Dell has come. And I learned about this via Facebook from Dell’s Richard Binhammer (the subject of the post), so I guess that’s also working.

Richard at Dell wins another supporter simply because he gives a damn.

In my last post I told everyone how entrenched I am in the Mac platform. How the main reasons I was asking for a MacBook and not a PC laptop were (1) I am such a fan of Apple’s product innovation, their passion for design and their entire brand essence, (2) being in the advertising industry I work predominantly in the Mac platform, and (3) because of that, all of the applications I own are for the Mac, and switching at this point would be too expensive and too much of a pain. And all 3 remain as true as ever. But I want to tell you about what’s happened since then.

My last post was basically a rebuttal to Joseph’s response to my Jaffe Juice audio comment in which I originally publicized my Quest. Joseph suggested that Richard at Dell should get involved in my experiment. So in my post I also did kind of a benign (or so I thought) shout-out to Richard.

Well it turns out that the only comments I received on that post came from Richard himself, thanking me for complimenting Dell on their recent products and pointing out, with regard to my stated dislike of Windows, that Dell can build you a machine equipped with the more secure and user-friendly Ubuntu OS (yet for some reason Dell Canada isn’t able to do this; only Dell USA. Oh, well; as long as we Canadians have the option of buying our stuff south of the 49th, I’m not worried).

I’ll tell you why this small gesture from Richard impressed me so much: to state the painfully obvious, I am not Joseph Jaffe, nor am I Seth Godin, C.C. Chapman or Mitch Joel, or anyone else whose blogs or podcasts command any kind of following at all. I am not an “influencer”, at least not in the public sphere. In fact, with a crazy-busy full-time job and a new baby at home I’m having a hell of a time just trying to maintain regular blog posts. But Richard still took the time to respond to me, knowing that if he took he time to engage me, he might just open my eyes to what a Dell product truly offers.

As a result, I sought Richard out on Facebook and connected with him. I subscribed to his blog. I checked out some of Dell’s new laptops and I look for news feeds about Dell, many of which I forward on to my friends and co-workers, most of whom who are also Mac-Heads (but who are also quite impressed with Dell’s newest stuff). For the five minutes or less it took Richard to comment, I have helped spread Dell’s message to at least five people (plus more, if anyone else actually reads this blog!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Mac fan first and foremost, but through one small gesture Richard was able to get me to do what I haven’t done in years – seriously consider the merits of a PC brand. I have to say that no ad campaign, regardless of how brilliant, would have done that. I can’t think of any other way it would have happened other than through my interaction with Richard – which would not have happened without social media.

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Disclosure/non-disclosure: Edelman does not work for Dell, but this and everything I write is done on the brilliant XPS M1330 and I have three ageing but reliable Dell’s at home.

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5 thoughts on “Why it’s good business to blog

  1. David

    You deserve some credit for posting this. It is what we see all day, but is an essential reminder of just how powerful a simple piece of communication can be.

    I often cite Dell Hell as a case study for corporate blogs and this clearly demonstrates Dell are a just beacon of corporate blog attitude.



  2. The more I look at what they have done, the more I am impressed with them Paul.


  3. David and Paul

    Thanks for the feedback on these directions we have taken. We are not perfect, but we are focused on listening, learning, building relationships and delivering — everyday and using all “mediums”….and by the way, “brilliant xps m 1330” is good to know and important feedback. Thanks for being a customer 🙂


  4. …and as I’m at home this is being typed on an old Inspiron 510m. The family workhorse!


  5. It would take one hell of a machine to separate me from my Mac (sorry for bringing that word up in a conversation about Dell) but, like the original posting quoted, it has certainly raised my awareness to the extent that I would have to choose one or the other rather than deciding which type of Macbook I got next.


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