Twitter goes global

Interesting chart from the Twitter blog showing that 60% of the traffic is non US. I wonder how much of it is in non-English languages though? My Russian colleague Olga says that the 140 character limit is more of a problem for the Russian alphabet. I wonder if all the Chinese Tweets I see also have this challenge. What language and alphabet is best suited to micro-blogging?

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4 thoughts on “Twitter goes global

  1. I was talking to Adam from the Shanghai office (when I was writing last week’s Friday5) and he told me that there are no spaces in between Chinese characters when typed. That makes it a lot harder to search, but probably makes micro-blogging easier.


  2. Actually 140 characters is not a probblem for russian alphabet. This is a problem for Russians as we all like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky – can’t exist in this tiny limit))


  3. Olga…the Great Russian soul needs space to express itself?


  4. You’ve got it! for example in web instant messages system counts 1000 characters as a limit for our great soul.


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