Here’s a nice little gizmo to pore over your Twitter habits. It seems from this that at 11 am on a Tuesday it is almost a dead cert I will be tweeting from my laptop and probably responding to @stedavies, @leahjones, fellow City fan @chrissmarie or @gapingvoid (when he’s not quitting). Not exactly fascinating I concede.

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6 thoughts on “Tweetstats

  1. Glad to be on your top list! I loved running tweet stats… but have had to slow down a bit lately, probalby a good thing.


  2. I have to say, I was surprised to see you used the web mostly. Most of the people I tweet with find having a whole web page open all day as we work, just takes up too much screen real estate. Which is why we use Twhirl or Spaz or Twitterific, etc etc.


  3. SharonG. aha . . . Ok am gonna try them out


  4. Interesting… but… How do you people ever get any proper work done?


  5. Justin. it can be a challenge


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