HP and Influencer Marketing

Couldn’t help but point to our most recent client win in Europe, Hewlett Packard’s printer division and not just for vanity reasons. This was the first pan-European ‘PR’ brief with a significant budget behind it that I have seen that was committed to looking at the new ways of doing things and its very core. Not just the technical additions of PR 2.0 like a couple of blogs and Facebook group or two, but the idea that influence moves markets and that Influence Marketing (their description) takes a whole different approach with different types of people and technical as well as communication skills. It was so refreshing to see a brief written in a way that not only understood the differences, but challenged us to prove that we could actually deliver on them. The first of many I hope.

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9 thoughts on “HP and Influencer Marketing

  1. Congratulations David! Publicisng these kinds of wins is important for the industry as a whole to show others that this whole social media thing is real and staying.


  2. Thanks Paul. How’s the apre Finals hangover? Enjoyed your tweets on it.


  3. Congrats. Sounds promising. I just got out of a similar briefing situation, except the prospective client sees web 2.0 as “get me some influential bloggers to talk about my products”. Glad to know there are smarter briefs out there;
    Btw, what part of it made it a smart 2.0 brief?


  4. Stan….they never mentioned blogs or facebook, just the idea that influencers could move markets and that we had to help them identify those influencers and listen to their input and engage with them. They wanted to hear what was being said and learn and they wanted to go where the conversation was not try and “drive” traffic to their own sites or so-called communities. Ocassionally I have heard this, but not before from a big firm with a multi-market brief.


  5. Heh, heh! All good in the headache stakes! The only concern is that my son is now wearing a Man United shirt.

    Tell me though…Edelman’s worldwide credibility in being able to deliver on developing these relationships (however uncertain the results may be) must have been a big factor in winning such a “open” brief, but I am keen to know how much of you winning the work was down to strategies you suggested too?

    Do tell!


  6. Your son is wearing a Utd shirt!!!! why would he follow Manchester’s number two team?

    Probably a bit of both if I am honest. We have developed some thinking and technology that helps us track who influencers and who magnifies on line and have worked that across pretty much all of our markets in all languages now. I think they had not seen that before in quite that way. On strategies and ideas I think clients usually buy a team they think can do that based on what they see and hear of you as, often as not, it is difficult to deliver a real strategic answer as an outsider and not being close to the business.


  7. You’ve got me David…why he isn’t wearing the Leeds shirt I bought him is a mystery to me!

    Interesting on the influencer front. We work with some guys who do exactly that, but who also build sentiment analysis into the responses too.

    Once pre-scored with what are positive and negative sentiment, the tool can span the net and understand 80% of the comments as either positive or negative. They can then measure this sentiment over time to see how responses to negative commentary was addressed and how the sentiment changed once it had been impacted.

    This kind of analysis is waking up a LOT of brands I talk to about the extent of online conversations taking place and is a powerful tool to then allow me to discuss strategy.

    As Edelman, you undoubtedly have a global reputation anyway, but an important aspect is that you guys practice what you preach, which counts for a lot.

    Look forward to seeing some interesting stuff from you guys soon then!



  8. Paul that is exactly how we do it to. Influencers/Amplifiers/Sentiment. Great minds think alike!


  9. That’s a relief – glad to see it!


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