Gordon should hire Colin

My mate and ex business partner Colin Byrne once commented wistfully that he thought his secretary and I were the only ones who read his blog. Turns out he was wrong as both PR Week and Lance Price, ex political spin doctor and occasional Guardian commentator, saw Colin’s exasperated post on the recent mismanagement of communications by No.10 and wrote stories quoting it. But Colin, a lifelong Labour supporter then felt the need to ‘explain himself’, which probably means he took some incoming flack from Labour party friends accusing him of attacking the Prime Minister or the party at their time of need.

That’s the trouble with good bloggers (and Colin is a really good blogger), they tend to say what they feel. And sometimes that proves difficult for the companies they work for, or in this case, the political party they support. Which is one reason we all read them of course. And as usual on things political and media, he’s absolutely right. Lucky for David Cameron that Gordon Brown cannot afford to hire him!

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